Easy Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling 

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s tough to maintain your fitness routine when you’re away from home. But a week at the beach doesn’t have to ruin your physique. Keep reading for a few tips and tricks to stay on track even if you’re off the beaten path. 


When you travel, you should at least pay attention to the amount of time you spend moving versus the time you sit in business meetings or lounging on the beach. If you don’t already wear a fitness tracker, install a pedometer app on your phone and strive for 10,000 steps every day. 

Slow down at dinnertime 

Rushing through your meals isn’t going to do your body any favors. Not only do you have to digest larger bits of food, but eating too fast can trick your brain into thinking you’re still hungry when your body has really had enough. It can be difficult when you’re in a hurry, especially when you’re stuck in the food court at the airport, but be conscientious of the time it takes you to eat. As you chew, count to 10 in your head before you swallow. 

Keep the water flowing 

Drink plenty of water. That’s not exactly new advice, but it is a simple health practice most people tend to toss aside when traveling. Keeping yourself hydrated can help you feel full, but not getting enough H2O can actually make your vacation less enjoyable or wreck your important business meeting. When the body doesn’t have enough water, it tries to compensate by rerouting it for your vital organs from everywhere else. This can result in headaches, constipation and mental murkiness. While you’re eating out, order water with your meal and drink it before you move on to tea, coffee or cocktails. Fill your beach cooler with waters and eat more fruits and vegetables, which also contain water. 

Take advantage of the amenities 

Most business class and better hotels have at least a small fitness center and swimming pool. Some hotels and cruise ships have full gyms complete with cardio equipment, climbing walls and lap pools. When booking your stay, scroll through the website and look at the amenities. 

If the hotel doesn’t list a 24-hour fitness center, look elsewhere. You can also look for a hotel located close to the park or, at the very least, on a long stretch of sidewalk so you can get in a morning run before starting your day. If you’re staying at a multi-level hotel, take the stairs instead of the elevator for extra movement, or try incorporating them into your workout. Or bring your portable streaming device to stream your favorite workout from anywhere. Remember, the easier it is to access physical activity, the more likely you are to do it. 

Stick with local fare 

Half the fun of travel is sampling the tastes of the town. Unfortunately, the vast majority of tourist destinations are overcrowded with chain restaurants. Make a list of truly local diners and stick with these places when you eat out. If you are renting a condo or apartment, visit a nearby farmers market instead of the grocery store while stocking up. One of the biggest benefits of eating locally grown foods is that they are higher in nutrients than those that have traveled over land and sea to reach your table. 

While it’s certainly okay to indulge, the little luxuries you enjoy while traveling shouldn’t reset your health and wellness goals. Keep yourself accountable and limit your intake of alcohol and unhealthy food you can have at home. It may sound impossible, but your excursions don’t have to put an end to your everyday health habits. 


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