Semi Private Training

Are you looking for more personalized attention in developing amazing strength and body composition while maximizing your invested time?  Our 30 minute Semi Private sessions provide a new and challenging total body workout every time you come to the gym.

Performing exercises at a high intensity or speed with faulty technique is a recipe for disaster (think chronic pain, injuries, etc.).  It’s not just about how many reps and pounds you do or how fast you can do them – but about whether you did them right.  Enter LIFT Semi Private sessions.  These workouts are designed to build serious strength while reinforcing technique and improving stability.  Combined with Team Training classes, Semi Private sessions ensure you continue to strengthen your body’s neuromuscular motor patterns, setting you up for a lifetime of achieving fitness goals.

Each Semi Private session has a maximum of 4 people, so you know that you will get the attention to detail you expect from personal training.  We pride ourselves on coaching proper form.

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LIFT Foundations

Part of our semi-private training model, the purpose of the LIFT Foundations program is to teach the basic, full range of motion movements that our bodies are designed to perform.  The same way that you must learn to walk before you run, LIFT believes that a proper education in the basics of proper movement technique is critical to your fitness success and long term health.  If you think of exercise as a language, Foundations is like learning the alphabet and some basic words.  We can use this “Foundation” to start introducing more complex exercises into your program.  We start most new clients with our Foundations program as well as those dealing with an injury or other restriction. A typical workout may be a blend of specialized stretching techniques with bodyweight exercises to increase functional performance. Each workout is progressive in nature and geared to reinforce proper technique from day one.

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Lift Training Studios Group Training is the most effective way to melt fat and tone up fast while training with your peers. This fun and supportive group training for all fitness levels.


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Personal Training

Tired of not getting the results you want in large classes or croweded gyms? Need a training program designed just for you? Private sessions with Lift Training Studios are tailored to fit YOUR personal fitness goals.


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