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If you suffer from back pain, it may not be a disc, muscle injury or tendon damage. It may be problems with your fascia and you can correct it without surgery with ELDOA in Mandeville. This corrective training are simple stretches designated at the specific area that’s causing the problem to help release the tightness and get you back to a pain free existence. This functional training takes only minutes from your daily schedule but can provide so much relief that you won’t be facing the need for surgery to feel better.

ELDOA helps you release your fascia.

The connective tissue in your body is the fascia. If you’ve ever noticed that clear coating on a piece of meat that’s tough and hard to remove, that’s fascia. It’s also called silverskin. Your body has that same type of fascia that helps the muscles glide easily. These are strings that form geometrical patterns and move together in multidimensional planes. It’s really the group of tissues that hold everything in place and help the muscles, tendons and joints to work together.

Years of bad posture and misuse can cause pain, so can injury.

The stretching motions of the fascia can have a huge effect on the spine and nervous system. It can affect the tissue, ligaments, joints, muscles and even organs. Since the fascia moves when muscles move, doing specific exercises that stretches and releases the fascia can help create space to give relief. There are exerises that help shoulders, hips, ribs, skull and spine. They’re simple, but not necessarily easy.

Specific postures address specific pain.

Many people use these poses after a workout, not just for pain, and say that holding each position is the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Just like normal exercise is good for your overall health, ELDOA exercises can help you maintain good health. However, there are very specific techniques for each area of pain and only trained instructors are not only locating those areas, but also choosing exercises targeted at releasing the fascia to reduce the pain.

You might not have a problem getting into the recommended posture, but you may have a problem holding the position for the required time. It’s wearing, but feels wonderful when it’s over.

  • One of the big problems face by many people today is the damage from forward head tilt from watching a computer screen and text neck. ELDOA can help relieve the problem and eliminate future problems.
  • Besides reducing pain, ELDOA can improve strength and joint mechanics. That makes it good for almost anyone that wants to feel better and be healthier.
  • ELDOA exercises/poses help minimize the disc bulges and pain by creating a movement that focuses on the total body, rather than one area.

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