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If you’re in pain, try ELDOA in Lewisburg. It can provide corrective training and functional training to not only help reduce pain, but also prevent future pain. ELDOA is an acronym for “Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptition Osteo-Articulaire,” which is French, but even the English translation really doesn’t provide the description that an average person could understand. Basically what the technique does is stretch the fascia/myofascia to create space.

What is fascia and how does stretching it help?

Little strands of collagen form an entire system to not only hold the bones and muscles together, but also help movement go smoothly and easily. Those who study the body thought it was a two dimensional system, but have since found that it’s multidimensional and intricate. When you move your arm, it can pull the fascia in your lower back or other areas of your body. It’s done with specific stretching. That stretching can make huge improvements in the movement of joints, increasing blood flow, lowering the pressure on discs and the amount of pain, improving spinal disc rehydration and helping muscle tone and posture.

The stretches are precise to focus on certain areas in the body or certain discs.

You feel pain when fascia creates a compression of the nerve area. It can also cause muscle weakness, numbness, pain down your leg or arm, increased inflammation and nerve deficiency. By using the ELDOA technique, the fascia pulls above the area of impingement and below it to open up the area and basically decompress the area.

A trained professional can help identify the location and recommend the right exercises to use.

It would be nice if every pain came from the same cause, but it doesn’t. However, there are commonalities to many body pains, tight compressed areas. It presses on the nerve and sends a message that something’s wrong at that area. Knowing the right movements to release that fascia and return the area back to normal is what an expert in ELDOA does. He or she uses a series of movements that involve the whole body to pull the fascia from both sides and bring relief.

ELDOA is also exceptional for preventing injury before it becomes unbearable. It’s a functional fitness workout that is simple, yet provides a considerable workout.

  • Using ELDOA movements after working out can help prevent damage and release the fascia before it causes pain. It’s exceptional for functional fitness training and corrective training.
  • Working out should be a key element to making you feel better. If you’re feeling pain during a workout, you need to find the cause. Working with a specialist in ELDOA can help you do that.
  • In today’s high tech society, people face many new problems with posture and ultimately pain. Text neck and computer face are just two new epidemics. Better posture with ELDOA training helps.

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