Team Training

Our Team Training consists of four unique class types: Team Burn, Team Strength, Team Core and Total Body Conditioning.  Each has a specific goal and effect on your body, from torching body fat to stockpiling lean muscle to relaxing sore muscles.  

There are no ordinary group classes.  Our coaches are there to actually supervise your workout, not to take the class alongside you and ignore your technique.  We cap our classes at 12 people to maintain that personalized attention.

“All of our Team Training classes include customized heart rate tracking through Polar Club.  This state of the art system wirelessly monitors your heart rate during classes, giving you and your coach instant feedback allowing for complete and precise control of your workout.  If you purchase your own heart rate monitor, it will further allow tracking for any workout done outside of the gym.”

We use the Polar Heart Rate system in all of our team classes.  This system monitors your heart rate throughout the class and allows the coach to utilize your information for a more personalized approach.  You can also track your progress on a daily basis, even if you work out outside of Lift.  

Let our fitness experts custom blend a combination of classes for you based on your goals, schedule and fitness level.  Call or click today! 985-727-1540,

Power Hour:

If endless treadmill running doesn’t excite you or traditional group classes don’t give you the results you are looking for, LIFT Team Burn is made for you. Team Burn is a fun and effective way to ramp up your cardio workouts!

We utilize time intervals proven to be effective for burning fat and increasing overall fitness. All of our exercises are functional, and can be varied from ‘reduction to ridiculous’, meaning Team Burn will provide a challenging and safe workout for ANY fitness level. We recommend incorporating Team Burn classes into your schedule if your goals include increased cardio capacity, endurance, and fat burning.Team Burn (1)

LIFT Team Strength:

Need an extra strength boost to your workout routine? This class provides a total body strength workout for any fitness level. Everyone moves at their own pace, and competes with themselves – or a friend if they choose. Combine Team Strength with Team Burn and Semi Private Training for the ultimate fitness formula. This is perfect for our Team Training and Performance members to boost their strength and metabolism, and for our Results members to inject more training variety into their schedule!

LIFT Team Strength is designed to increase strength and endurance while skyrocketing metabolism.

 Team Strength (1)

Core & More:

Don’t let the name fool you, Core & More is a lot more than just a regular ‘ab’ class. Team-Planks (1)We use our knowledge of anatomical relationships and biomechanics to create a completely balanced program that will improve your functional strength, posture, flexibility and total body movement mechanics. Basically, we will make your body look and work a whole lot better. Because of the exercises and sequences we use inCore & More you can also expect minor aches and pains in your body to alleviate, making this class a great option for anyone looking to supercharge their recovery routine.

Core & More starts with a blend of targeted mobility based exercises to warm-up and align your body, allowing your muscles to be used for what they’re actually designed to do. Next up is a series of exercises that will build symmetry, athleticism and mobility throughout your entire body – not limited to just your core. As with all of our classes, our coaches can adapt every exercise to any fitness level ensuring you get exactly what you need out of each class.

LIFT Team Agility:

A special team class offered for the summer months and holiday weeks only.  Agility is programmed with the young athlete in mind.  We focus on the skills demanded of nearly every athlete, regardless of level or sport played: footwork, explosiveness, change of direction, stability and more.  Every class includes mobility and recovery exercises to keep muscles and joints healthy, skill and athletic development, strength progressions, and a stretching component to increase range of motion.  Team Agility is a progressive program, teaching skills that build off of previously introduced concepts to create better fundamentals.
True to the LIFT system, we assess every athlete and provide a plan to correct muscle imbalances and range of motion deficiencies that are VERY common in young athletes.  Our approach combined with the progressive nature of our classes make for an extremely effective and safe athletic development program.

Total Body Conditioning:Team Training

Are you looking for a complete and functional total body workout that can actually cater to your specific needs?  Lift’s Total Body Conditioning provides that and a lot more.  We blend together low impact cardio intervals with TRX training and strength exercises.  Using this scientifically proven interval technique will not only improve your cardiovascular fitness level, but also your strength, flexibility and muscle tone.  What you get here is a smart and periodized workout routine designed to actually improve your body from the inside out, not simply make you sweat.  Combine all of that with Lift’s expert coaching and smaller class sizes and you have a truly unique experience.  So go ahead and save your joints from all of the pointless impact in your typical ‘cardio’ class and give Total Body Conditioning a shot.  Your body will thank you.

We recommend incorporating Total Body Conditioning into your training schedule if your goal is to have increased cardio capacity, muscular endurance, more flexibility and overall strength.


ELDOA is an incredibly challenging, yet safe form of postural exercise. It requires highly specialized and precise techniques to improve the strength and flexibility of your core muscles, as well as reduce overall muscular pain in the body. You truly must experience ELDOA to fully understand it’s effectiveness and impact on your body.

Tiffoney’s Fun House:

Tiffoney’s Fun House consists of a variety of classes every 6-8 weeks consisting of Yoga, Pilates, Kick Boxing, Barre and more.


Lift Training Studios Group Training is the most effective way to melt fat and tone up fast while training with your peers. This fun and supportive group training for all fitness levels.


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Personal Training

Tired of not getting the results you want in large classes or croweded gyms? Need a training program designed just for you? Private sessions with Lift Training Studios are tailored to fit YOUR personal fitness goals.


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