Do Things You Never Thought You Could Do

People are now starting to realize they can do things they never thought possible when they get physical and begin to work on their goals. You no longer have to just dream about entering a marathon or power walking to a different city, if those are your goals, you can start working on a plan to achieve those goals. Achieving physical goals, whether they’re as simple as having more energy at the end of the day or shedding a few pounds or as difficult as running a 10K marathon or losing enough weight to shed a few clothing sizes, you can achieve it when you have direction and support.

More and more science is finding how exercise helps health problems.

Aching backs, high blood pressure, diabetes and even osteoporosis can be controlled and helped with proper diet and exercise. That doesn’t mean you can give up doctor’s advice, but it does mean that you’ll put a smile of amazement on your doctor’s face as you improve your level of fitness. You might even be able to lower or eliminate the need for medication.

Exercise helps you achieve more than just physical goals

You’ll be amazed at how much better your life will get when you work toward a physical goal. That doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly win the lottery or become the king or queen of England, but it does mean that as you get stronger and fitter, you’ll notice others showing you more respect and looking at you in a different light. One of the reasons is that regular exercise can improve your mood and self esteem, both of which reflect to others and they respond in kind. Another reason is your outward persona changes, giving you more presence, which garners improved respect.

Combine the physical with the mental and you’ll have a dynamite package.

If you have a mental goal, such as taking courses that will lead to a promotion, learning a new trade or even finishing college, becoming fitter helps. When you exercise you help both your body and your brain. Exercise reduces inflammation, lowers insulin resistance and helps the brain by stimulating growth factors, which in turn stimulate the creation of new blood vessels to feed the brain, while also creating new brain cells and improving their chances of survival. You’ll think better too.

Exercise also is a great stress buster. It burns off the hormones created by stress, which helps clear your mind and makes you think clearer.

When you start a program of regular exercise, you’ll see negative thoughts about achieving goals start to disappear. That’s because exercise causes the body to release hormones that raise your spirits and can wipe out depression. You’ll feel great after working out.

Having support on your path to personal achievement is important, whether it’s from family and friends or a professional staff that can help create the path and chart your progress.

Enjoy the road to your achievement. Lots of times the road to achievement is as rewarding as actually achieving your goal.

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