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    “I’ve lost about 20 pounds, 24 inches, and half my body fat!”

    My husband and I are so happy to have discovered LIFT Training Studios. The impact in our lives has been amazing. Turning 49 years old and knowing I had to start being proactive about my health, I signed up at LIFT for a seven week program — 30 minute sessions, three times per week, with Lift’s Lead personal trainer . Realizing 49 years of on-again-off-again exercise habits (mostly off-again) had taken a toll, and being reasonably sure 30 minutes wouldn’t kill me, I put my confidence in the expertise of Lift. Seven weeks later, I had lost pounds, inches and body fat. I was so excited about the improvement I had seen. And so was my husband! We decided LIFT was well worth working into our budget, and two years later continue to believe that. So much so, that at the beginning of this year my husband, Rick, who has always been well-disciplined with exercise, also became a client of LIFT and is seeing the difference a personal trainer makes. I ran one mile for the first time ever in my life just before turning 50 years old. I’ve lost about 20 pounds, 24 inches, and half my body fat (and yes, that does include my thighs!). Who knew I would ever actually see abs and not just believe they were there by faith? And, my husband and I recently rode our new bicycles 40 miles in the Tour de Life! Perhaps the most amazing transformation has been my attitude about exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is not a dirty word any more, and I’ve discovered nutritious food can actually be tasty! I may be getting older, but I feel new and improved. LIFT Training Studios has a staff of professional personal trainers who plan creative, challenging workouts designed to meet individual needs. Rick and I continue to be encouraged and inspired to make healthy choices that we know will reap a lifetime of reward. And as for me and what keeps me motivated? The same as it was two years ago. Real results! At LIFT, you have not only a personal trainer, but a whole team whose goal is your growing success with results you never imagined possible.

    Rick & Julie Loumiet